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New App Raises Money For Animal Shelters Every Time You Walk Your Dog

By Syma Chowdhry

MEDIA, Pa. (CBS) -- Imagine every time you take your dog for a walk, you are helping other dogs with every step!

A new app does that and it's doesn't cost you a penny.

It's called "WoofTrax - Walk for a Dog."

Dog owners download the app and it tracks your walk.

The more you use it, the more money goes to an animal shelter or rescue group of your choice.

Jason Venini of Delaware County SPCA says, "It's a great way to give back to your local shelter by doing what you are already doing. You're just walking your dog - all you have to do is open the app."

The app was released earlier this year and so far 4,000 shelters have signed up for it, including the Delco SPCA.

Justina Calgiano of Delco SPCA says, "When a $10 check comes in, be it through an app or personal donation, it really means it's going towards caring for the animals so we are able to help them until they find their forever homes."

The organization has been getting the word out, hoping more people will sign up and select them.

Delco SPCA is hosting a "Bark in the Park" 5K walk/run this Saturday at 10 a.m. at the Rose Tree Park in Media.

They want all the participants to download the app.

Justina says, "We are definitely going to talk about the app at the event and we have 360 registered runner and walkers right now."

WoofTrax donates money it gets from sponsors and advertisements.

It tracks usage by how many walks you take, not by distance.

WoofTrax's CEO says the Philadelphia-area is one of the most active markets.

So far, the app has donated $10,000 to shelters nationwide.

Chris Mells of Delco SPCA adds, "Even a dollar a day will help us get more animals in and more animals out."

Because the app is so new, many dog owners we spoke with did not know about it, but say they will download now.

Josie Newman says, "That sounds great! You are not really losing much by signing on and walking your dog like you do everyday anyway."

Another dog owner, Julie Ek, agrees, "I think it's great, I mean, it's stuff that I would donate money to anyway."

Free for you, priceless for them.

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