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New App Designed To Help People Find Sustainable, Local Businesses

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A local woman is the brains behind a new app and website which promotes local businesses which focus on sustainability.

Morgan Berman says the app "My MilkCrate" started out as her thesis on sustainability when she was working on her master's degree. Berman wanted to share her passions involving:

"Eating local food, biking, composting, all these things that I kind of learned how to do as an adult, I wanted to make it easier for everyone to do. So I thought well, maybe I can design a tool that helps people," said Berman.

She says that was two and a half years ago. Now, the app has grown.

"And what we're becoming is actually a platform that helps whole communities track and improve their spending as conscientious consumers," said Berman.

She says tens of thousand of people are using the app, and now the company is targeting communities like universities and workplaces who want to make a difference with their wallets.

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