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New Ad Campaign From Temple's Athletic Department Has Some Doing A Double Take

By Jim Melwert

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A new ad campaign from Temple University's athletics department is gaining traction, but the billboards and signs for the campaign have some people scratching their heads.

If you're like me, the billboard for Temple's ad campaign "We the T", might have caught your eye, questioning the grammar.

But Temple Deputy Athletic Director Patrick Kraft who oversees marketing says the ad campaign is born of pretty popular document, the constitution of the United States of America.

"It just fit, the constitution, we're Philadelphia, the whole thing. And it really was, the "We the People," and now it's become kind of a rallying call for us."

And Kraft says it puts the focus on what he considers one of their best marketing assets.

"We try to use the Temple T as much as possible, because that resonates with alumni; it resonates with the business school and with fans, and especially with Philadelphia. You know we're trying to take over Philadelphia."

While he hopes it catches on and becomes tradition, he says you can only put ideas out there, then it's up to fans, and especially students, as to whether something catches on.

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