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37 Percent Of Netflix Users Admit To Binge-Watching Shows At Work

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- People have different reasons why they binge-watch television shows.

"I can't take cliffhangers," said Cecilia MacCormack of New Jersey.

"Because I'm weak," added Victor Antonius of Philadelphia.

But, are you willing to risk embarrassment to stay up-to-date?

A new study by Netflix says 67 percent of users are willing to watch their shows in public, even if it creates social awkwardness.

Perhaps it's because public bingers consider mobile access more essential to travel than food and water. Yep, they said that, according to the survey.

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The same data shows 37 percent admit to watching at work and 12 percent aren't afraid to partake in a public restroom.

On-the-go sex scenes made 18 percent of public bingers uncomfortable, 77 percent kept watching.

"Just have to plow right through it," laughed MacCormack.

Data also show 65 percent said they laughed out loud, 20 percent said they cried.

All that made us wonder -- has public binging changed social norms associated with private behavior?

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"Just social media alone, people are breaking the boundaries between public and private," said Jessica Garvey, in town from Los Angeles.

"With technology being ubiquitous, basically everywhere, it's becoming more accepted," said Antonius.

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