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Neshaminy School Board Votes Student Newspaper Ban On 'Redskins' Can Stand, But Only In Certain Sections

By Todd Quinones

LANGHORNE, Pa. (CBS) -- Student editors voted, ruling the mascot is a racial slur and should be banned from the paper.

The school board's vote Thursday night won't reverse that entirely.

Instead it will prevent the high school editors from deleting the word "redskin" only on the editorial page where other students submit letters to the editor.

"This still does not belong in a school board policy, rather it is something we have the right to decide for ourselves," student editor Gillian McGoldrick said.

The school board at first considered forcing the student editors to use the word "redskin" throughout the entire paper.

The revise policy means redskin can still be banned in news and sports stories.

Board members see the revised policy as a reasonable compromise, as the word "redskin" can be banned in news and sports stories.

"Every student's rights are protected under this policy, and I believe it will be upheld as being the correct policy for the District," school board member Stephen Pirritano said.

But at Thursday night's meeting, three Bucks County residents, who say they are part Native American, let their feelings be known.

"How many native Americans need to tell you that it is disparaging? Are you going to put a word on your team that has something to do with Jewish people or Irish people, or black people?" Langhorne resident Donna Boyle asked.

"I'm extremely offended by it being Apache. This land in Lenape land. This land belongs to the Native Americans," Yardley resident Cathy Cartwright said.

The school board voted 8 – 1 in favor of the revised policy.

The student editors have hired their own attorney and are considering filing a lawsuit.

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