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Neighbor Recalls Seeing Worker Killed In Amtrak Crash Just One Day Before Ordeal

By Justin Finch

WILMINGTON, De., (CBS) -- New details are coming to light about the two Amtrak workers killed when a train crashed into construction equipment in Chester this past Sunday.

Sabrina McNeil is sure she last saw her neighbor, Joseph Carter Jr., one day before he died. "Saturday, he was walking the dog," McNeil recalled.

Carter, 61, lived a few doors away at their Wilmington, DE complex. McNeil called him an ideal neighbor. She said he was friendly, kind and always smiling. "We would come home, like on a spring day, and would have his windows up. You would hear him on the phone, laughing and talking with people."

On Sunday, she became worried hearing about the deadly wreck. She knew Carter did track work so, her heart sank, especially when she didn't see his car Sunday or Monday.

"Monday morning, when I got up I saw the Amtrak car outside and my husband said when we see the Amtrak car, that means that might have been him because now people are coming to his home," she said.

Federal investigators know the two workers were a part of a group working in that area on Sunday.

As loved ones mourn the losses of both men, the NTSB continues to investigate as they work to pinpoint a cause.

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