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NAACP Leaders Pushing For Laundromat Owner To Be Charged For Shooting Alleged Robber

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Civil rights leaders are pushing the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office to pursue reckless endangerment charges against a laundromat owner who shot and wounded an alleged robber Sunday afternoon.

An innocent bystander was also hit, too.

During the knifepoint robbery along North 5th Street, police say the bandit snatched $2,000, but he was followed out the door by the laundromat owner, who grabbed his revolver, which he legally owns.

Surveillance video shows the foot chase, and the trail of bills scattered in the air and on the sidewalk scooped up by bystanders. No cash was recovered.

Minister Rodney Muhammad, the president of the Philadelphia chapter of the NAACP, says the businessman should have let police handle it at that point.

"He began firing recklessly into the street, causing many of the pedestrians to have to duck," Muhammad said. "He did shoot the robber, but he also shot a woman in the hand."

The alleged robber, 41-year old Marcus Quinones, was shot twice in the chest. He faces charges.

The DA's office says the investigation "remains open."

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