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Mysterious Vibration Rocks South Jersey Shore Town

LOWER TOWNSHIP, NJ (CBS) – Residents around Lower Township, New Jersey have turned to social media to confirm they were not alone in feeling the ground rumble Wednesday afternoon.

A source tells CBSPhilly the township has received reports from residents regarding the mysterious vibration in the area.

Lower Township resident Jo Ann Armstrong says, "The kitchen moved. My husband was outside on the riding mower and I thought he had run into the house."

And she wasn't alone-- several others turned to Twitter to share their experience:

"It seemed like the room moved. It's didn't shake, it didn't twitch or anything, it just actually seemed like it moved," Jo Ann Armstrong said.

It was a shakeup Jo Ann Armstrong just couldn't figure out.

And she wasn't alone.

In cities up and down the shore, people reported feeling the ground move or hearing a loud boom.

"I felt like a big, almost like a vibration, and then I heard what sounded like a truck overturning or something," Jacquelyn Songalewski said.

It lasted just seconds but people jumped on social media hoping to figure it all out. Some didn't know what to think, others thought possibly it was even an earthquake.

There were no reports of any earthquakes in the area by the U.S. Geological Survey, and as it turns out the source of the mysterious boom may not be from the ground, but rather the air.

Aircraft test flights breaking the speed of sound over the Atlantic in an airspace referred to as the test track caused a similar scare back in February.

And it turns out the Navy was conducting similar tests Wednesday afternoon from the naval air station in Patuxent River, Maryland.

Armstrong was relieved her friends experienced that same thing. For a moment she thought she was alone.

"Bizarre. Very bizarre," she said.

Do you live in the area and felt the ground shake? Weigh in on our Twitter and Facebook pages!

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