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President Of Muslim Organization Defends Trump's Executive Order

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Raheel Raza, President of the Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow, defended Donald Trump's executive order halting immigration from seven Middle-Eastern nations, telling Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that she trusts that Trump is doing the right thing.

"People need to read and listen carefully and not have so much hysteria and knee jerk reactions...It's not a ban on Muslims. If it was, he would have said so. As we well know, and I know, President Trump is not afraid to speak out and say what is on his mind. It's definitely not a ban against Islam. It is actually a temporary moratorium on immigration from some countries, which have internal problems of radicalization which promote and support terrorists."

She believes any other head of state would take the same actions under similar circumstances.

"It's a way of cleaning house. I always give the analogy that I have an open policy of inviting people into my home, but when they come in, if they want to destroy my furniture, I will definitely not want them to come back until I can figure out how to fix the problem. This moratorium is to try and strengthen the borders of the country and every leader has a right to look at the security and safety of their own country and strengthen their borders. Every country does that."

Raza also stated that Islam is partly to blame for global terrorism and that followers in the West need to take steps to confront it.

"Muslims of America should look upon this as an opportunity to stand up and be counted and say that, look, this is a problem that stems from the Muslim world. It's a problem within our ranks and we are here to help solve this problem."

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