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Mummers, Mayor Nutter Help Re-Open Landmark Broad Street Diner

By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - There was a celebration on South Broad Street this morning, complete with a string band to mark the official reopening of the landmark Broad Street Diner.

Mayor Michael Nutter participated in the ribbon cutting and the re-opening of the Broad Street Diner under new ownership.

"This will be a wonderful addition to Broad Street, thanks for bringing it back to life," Mayor Nutter said. "Give a big big hand to Michael and his family."

Michael Petrogiannis owns several restaurants in the Philadelphia area including the Melrose Diner, Tiffany Diner and La Varanda. He says the new Broad Street diner was completely remodeled and has delicious food and baked goods.

Reporter: "What do you like the best?"
Petrogiannis: "The Greek omelet".
Reporter: "Of course you do. You're Greek right?"
Petrogiannis: "Of course. Yes (laughs)."

Many customers say it was their old stopping grounds and they're glad to see it back.

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Mayor Nutter cuts the ribbon outside the Broad Street Diner. (Credit: John McDevitt)

''They use to also have a jukebox, because I use to sit here and listen," one customer said.
Reporter: "Well, they have the Mummers did you see them?"
Customer: "Of course I did. How could I miss them?"

The Broad Street Diner opened in 1964 until it closed in 2007. It reopened earlier this month.

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