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Mum Festival Takes Over Longwood Gardens

KENNETT SQUARE, Pa. (CBS) -- They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but you know what...beautiful flowers come pretty close too.

This year's Chrysanthemum Festival, featuring more than 1,700 mums, is upon us at Longwood Gardens.

On Monday, Eyewitness News got a sneak peek at the Mum Festival. Families and visitors will feast their eyes on 200,000 blooms and 13 different classifications of the seasonal favorite.

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"One of our very popular pieces is called the baskets," said Floriculture Leader Jim Harbage, of Longwood Gardens. "They're about six feet in diameter and they hang over the lawn and the main conservatory."

There is also one that is the mother of all mums: "The large thousand bloom chrysanthemum," Harbage said. "And we beat our record once again by a few flowers."

Visitors have to make it out in a pinch, because the blooms will not last forever. "This will continue until the Sunday before Thanksgiving," Harbage explained.

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