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Bridging The Divide: Clergy Meets For Multi-Faith Retreat, Dialogue

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A group of clergy from Christian churches, mosques and a synagogue engaged in a day-long dialogue in North Philadelphia on Tuesday on ways they can work toward peace, civility and honoring their different faith traditions.

The session took place inside the Congregation Rodeph Shalom headquarters on Broad Street in North Philadelphia.

Pastor Kevin Brown of The Perfecting Church in Sewell, N.J. says the goal is for the clergy and their congregations is to rise above the hate and division, and have the Abrahamic faiths they represent model unity in the midst of great difference.

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"We have sharp differences," Brown says. "But, at the same time, the essence of spiritual maturity is to love the other that does not believe as you do."

Rabbi Eli Freedman of Congregation Rodeph Shalom, says that's not easy for some in his own temple who are hampered by their own prejudices.

"Why are we talking to these Muslims?" Freedman says. "They hate us. They hate Israel. They want to see Israel destroyed. And, first of all - that's not true! And, second of all, if we don't talk to one another, if we don't dialogue, how are we ever gonna get anywhere?"

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