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Move-In Day For Temple University's Newest Owlets


By John McDevitt


PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Temple University's new freshmen are moving into their dorm rooms this week.

On the North Philadelphia campus today, parents were helping their kids move in -- unloading vehicles, stuffing items into big, orange, wheeled tubs, then pushing the hoppers to assigned dorm rooms.

temple girls
(Credit: John McDevitt)

"We were very budget conscious, trying to stay under 500 (dollars)," said one freshman woman.  "I don't know if we really did that, but..."

And she said her mother helped with the shopping: "She's a coupon fanatic, she got a lot of stuff for cheap."

But some parent spared no expense.

"Big screen TV, rugs, we got it all," said one mother.  "She's our first daughter going away to school, so no scaling back."

And Mom packed something special, too.

"We have the teddy, a little polar bear.  He's been with her forever, so he's  coming along to college."

Does the daughter know about the stowaway?

"I snuck him in when we left," said Mom.

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