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Most Parents, Especially Millennials, Admit To Texting And Driving, Study Finds

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Teenagers aren't the only ones texting and driving. A new study reveals millennial parents are also taking risks behind the wheel.

It's a dangerous habit; nine people are killed every day in accidents involving a distracted driver -- many using their phones.

While it's usually associated with teenagers and younger people, the new research says parents are guilty, too.

Researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital surveyed 435 parents across the country, asking them if they use email, social media and maps apps while driving. They also asked about their speed while completing the tasks.

"Text messaging and other forms of distracted driving were more common among millennial parents than older parents," surgeon Dr. Regan Bergmark said.

"I would completely agree with that because millennials are always having to be so up to date on everything that's happening around them in their lives," motorist Aaron Belcher said.

'U Drive, U Text, U Pay': Police In New Jersey Cracking Down On Distracted Driving 

The study also found that most parents, regardless of age, admitted to reading and writing texts while driving.

"People know it's unsafe but they've gotten away with it so they do it, right? But we haven't found a way to address that," Dr. Bergmark said.

More than half of those surveyed said they are safer drivers while their children are in the car. Two out of three said they use their phones less when their kids are in the vehicle.

Researchers say distracted driving increases the risk of collision by 83%. Recently, a number of states and cities have banned texting on handheld cell phone use while driving.

And they're really serious about it London. David Beckham was banned from driving for six months after he was caught on his phone while driving.

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