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Most College IDs Don't Comply With Pennsylvania's New Voter ID Law

By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - The vast majority of Pennsylvania's 110 colleges and universities do not have student IDs that comply with the Commonwealth's new voter ID law.  This could put students from other states who wish to vote in Pennsylvania in a catch 22.

Under the new law, student IDs are acceptable if they contain the students name, the name of the institution, the student's photo and an expiration date. Since most Pennsylvania college IDs don't comply, students who want to vote in the Commonwealth are left with a choice.

"They will have to surrender a license from a different state."

Department of State Ron Ruman says students will have to give up out-of-state drivers licenses if they want a Pennsylvania drivers license or a non-driver photo ID.  But Ruman says Penn State and Temple IDs will soon comply with the law and others could follow suit.

"The University of Pennsylvania does have an expiration date and we're hoping that other schools will comply as well."

Ruman says another option is for the student to vote via absentee ballot in their home state.

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