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Monsignor William Lynn Leaves State Prison, Some Parishioners Outraged At Archdiocese

By Ileana Diaz

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)--Monsignor William Lynn is out of the state prison where he's been locked up for 18 months.

He was moved to the Philadelphia County Prison today after the Archdiocese helped post his $25,000 bail, getting him one step closer to freedom and sparking concern amongst many Catholics.

Voice of the Faithful member Nancy Mortimer-O'Brien, says, "It just shows they're not really sincere if it comes to protecting church or the child we know where they stand."

Lynn was charged with child endangerment for reassigning sexually abusive priests to other parishes instead reporting them to law enforcement.

That conviction was overturned when the Superior Court ruled Lynn was convicted under a law that didn't apply to him.

Lynn is now waiting for an ankle bracelet and living arrangements in Philadelphia before he can walk.

"It doesn't surprise me. I'm disappointed but this shows lack of resolve for change," O'Brien says.

Catholic parishioners at an afternoon mass said few words about Lynn, but did comment on the Church's willingness to help.

"I think its money that could've been well spent in other places like Catholic education," says parishioner Donna Whiteoak.

"They're selling various buildings as part of the seminary and that's a good, but this shows when it comes down to it they'll find money for something like this," O'Brien comments.

District Attorney Seth Williams is outraged by the conviction reversal and the Church posting bail. Williams is appealing the reversal and the bail and says he is disgusted by everything that is going on.

Monsignor Lynn will be in court on Monday before a judge to review his conditions for being released.


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