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Clarity On Democrats Side On District Race Focusing On Montgomery County

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Pa. (CBS) -- A pair of Republican state senators and a handful of congressmen, including Chester County's Ryan Costello, have filed a complaint asking a federal court to block the implementation of the new Congressional map released by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

The move comes a day after Republican leaders in the state legislature asked the US Supreme Court to step in and block the new maps.

As those cases wind their ways through the courts, the race in the newly created Montgomery County district is clearing up, at least on the Democratic side.

Clarity in who is not running in the fourth. Brendan Boyle, he's the incumbent in the 13th, what was traditionally the Montgomery county seat, but says he plans to seek re-election in his home district, the second, which covers Northeast Philadelphia.

Also not running, Allyson Schwartz, who represented Montgomery County in Congress for 10 years.

Three democrats have announced their candidacy:

State Rep Madeliene Dean who is ending her run for lieutenant governor to instead run for Congress.

"Finally Montgomery County is getting its own congressional district back. I, and others, thought it demanded my consideration," she said.

Shira Goodman, who's spent the past five years running CeaseFire PA.

"I know how to work with people who disagree with me, I know how to handle people yelling at me, and I know how to keep pushing forward to get to the right answer and I'm eager to do that," she said.

State Senator Daylin Leach, who stepped back from his congressional campaign after becoming a target of workplace harassment claims, says he is still weighing his options.

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