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Montco Teen Credits Music With Saving Her Life, Uses It To Help Save Others

WAYNE, N.J. (CBS) -- A teenager from Wayne is breaking into the music industry with a new CD and an upcoming concert.

Music has helped her battle depression and bullying which is a serious problem for millions of teenagers. Experts say it's widespread, and something that many are often reluctant to talk about.

One Montgomery County teenager says music saved her and she is hoping it can help others too.

It's a song about teenage troubles written by 18-year-old Livvie Forbes for her debut CD called Chronic. "I hope that it brings the distraction that I needed when I was younger," Forbes explained.

Her life was filled with agony. A fever and seizure in second grade started a series of medical problems, including chronic pain.

"There are times where my entire body feels like it's on fire," she said. Then came the mental hardship of being bullied at school. "I guess I was just easy to pick on," she said. "I had a lot of depression and anxiety at a young age," she added.

Forbes, who grew up in Wayne says high school was a disaster. There were therapist and her parents tried to help, but she was lost.

"All of those years of having this tremendous pain and agony, and having to deal with these kids who were just so mean, it really did a number," Forbes explained.

But then she found music, and songs like Gangster's Paradise.

"It kind of relates to how I felt in school and with the bullying and depression and anxiety and it's a really, really cool song." She explained. "It would drown out the self-deprecating thoughts that I would have and the terrible things that people would say to me," she added.

And now with her voice coach, she's getting ready to perform at world café live, where she hopes her music will not only entertain, but help other troubled teens.

"That I can make people happy with my music is so fulfilling and so amazing, and to be able to have joy in my life because for a really long time, I just couldn't feel any sort of happiness." She explained.

Forbes' message to other teens who are struggling emotionally is to reach out for help, and be patient. She says life can change, it might just take some time. Forbes will perform at world café live on September 29th. For more information, click here.

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