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Montco Man in More Hot Water For Stalking Offense at Villanova U.

By Brad Segall

NORRISTOWN, Pa. (CBS) -- A convicted sex offender has been ordered to spend more time behind bars and undergo intensive psychological treatment after violating his probation on stalking, burglary, and invasion-of-privacy charges in Montgomery County.

Kornwell Chan will spend at least another five months in the county prison, admitting he violated his probation as he pleaded guilty to two counts of defiant trespass in Delaware County earlier this year.

Those charges were the result of accusations that the 40-year-old Upper Dublin man was stalking a woman in the library at Villanova University, in Radnor.

"Certainly he had a slip," says defense attorney Stephen Geday.  "He has to correct that.  And going forward he has to tow the line a little tighter.  But as we heard from his family, I think he will have a support network to help him do that."

Chan already served time in Montgomery County after convictions for breaking into a woman's house and stealing her underwear and for photographing up a woman's skirt inside a store at the King of Prussia Mall.

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