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MontCo Law Firm Holds Community Meeting, Address Concerns About Contaminated Water

HORSHAM, Pa. (CBS) -- Dozens of people came out to Williamson's Banquet Hall in Horsham Wednesday, to seek answers about their contaminated drinking water and what's being done to fix it.

Norristown law firm Creedon and Feliciani organized the meeting. They represent several people who claim they suffered serious health issues from drinking the water in Horsham and Warminster.

It was the latest in a series of meetings on the elevated presence of chemicals PFOA and PFOS in the water supply. They're linked to firefighting foam used at former naval air stations in the area.

"I still have faith in the system that we have in place, with the public drinking water wells being taken offline and the promises that have been made," said Fred Suffian of Warrington.

Denise McNees said she's not sure if she'll join any lawsuits, but her husband and father have many of the health problems pinpointed by the firm.

"My husband had a kidney transplant and the Navy gave him a kidney transplant," she said. "My husband has vascular disease."

State Rep. Todd Stephens, R-Montgomery County, pushed for $10 million in state funding to clean up Horsham's water. Governor Tom Wolf approved the funding last week.

"We'll be able to remove all detectable levels of these contaminants with filtration systems that this 10 million dollars will fund, but the state shouldn't have had to do that," Stephens said. "This is the federal government's problem and they should be stepping up and taking care of these issues."

Rep. Stephens said Horsham officials are aiming to have no detectable levels of PFOA and PFOS in the water supply by the end of year.

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