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Reward Announced As Montgomery County DA Explains Lack of Disclosure In Murder-Kidnap

By Brad Segall, Walt Hunter

NORRISTOWN, Pa. (CBS) -- As the search continues for a missing 10-month-old girl in Montgomery County, Pa., prosecutors announced a $30,000 reward for information leading to her safe return and explained why they have been so tight-lipped when it comes to releasing information about the investigation and the murder of the little girl's grandmother (see related story).

"Please come forward and give the information and let us recover Saanvi safe and happy. [Let her be returned] to her parents who are already grieving the loss of one family member," Saanvi's aunt, Vijaya Reddy, said after announcing the $30,000 reward.

Normally in a homicide investigation, DA Risa Ferman said, they would be more forthcoming with some details.  But after talking with child abduction experts, she said, they modified their usual practices for this case.

Ferman notes that there is a search and rescue operation underway and they are trying to find Saanvi Venna and return her safely to her family.

Ferman said at this point they are concerned that releasing information will compromise her safety.

"In considering the balance between the public interest in knowing what happened, and the safety and wellbeing of this child, her security and safety has to come first," Ferman said Wednesday morning.

Authorities believe the child was abducted from her home at the Marquis Apartments in King of Prussia on Monday (see previous story).

An autopsy was completed on the infant's grandmother, but authorities were not yet releasing those findings.

The FBI Special Evidence Response Team was flown in Wednesday afternoon from Quantico, Virginia, bringing four of their dogs to assist with the search.

Family members, who have stayed at police headquarter around the clock, will leave for a shot time to attend a candlelight vigil with local residents who are all hoping for the baby's safe return.

"Hopefully the individual who's responsible is caught and hopefully, hopefully the child comes back," said Stephen Burda a local parent.

Police are asking anyone with information to call 215-546-TIPS.

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