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Montco Courthouse Expanding Security; Judges, Attorneys To Undergo Screening

By Brad Segall

NORRISTOWN, Pa. (CBS) -- Starting next month, Montgomery County, Pa. will implement new security measures at the courthouse in Norristown.

For years, all visitors who showed up at the courthouse have had to go through airport-style screening at the two entrances.  They walk through metal detectors and their bags go through scanners (top photo).

Beginning April 6th, those security measures will also apply to courthouse workers, including judges, who have previously had the freedom to come and go without being screened.

"Well, I think everybody will understand the importance of increased security," says Michael Kehs, the court administrator, "and I think most people are familiar with that, when they are going to the airport or in many other facilities."

To ease the expectations of long lines in the morning, there will be an additional screening area in the lower plaza for employees who park in the underground garage, and a second line at the Main Street entrance for attorneys, judges, and other courthouse workers.

This summer, Kehs says, they expect to open another entry point just for jurors.


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