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Montco Announces One-Week Amnesty For Child Support Deadbeats

By Brad Segall

NORRISTOWN, Pa. (CBS) -- If you owe back child support payments in Montgomery County, Pa., there's a deal on the table that could keep you out of jail.

County officials say there are 300 outstanding bench warrants representing nearly $6 million that's owed to the children.

For one week starting June 10th, the county is offering a one-time amnesty program to those who have outstanding warrants.

County domestic relations director Gary Kline (at right in photo, holding folders) says you can turn yourself in and avoid penalties, arrest, and prosecution.  He says it's time to come out of hiding and pay up.

"We've suspended their licenses -- in some cases we've suspended professional licenses," Kline says of child support deadbeats.  "We can work with them to restore those licenses.  We're asking that they come in and make payment arrangements to start paying support for the children that the money is owed to."

If you don't show up, Sheriff Eileen Behr (at lectern in photo) says, her teams will hit the streets the following week armed with arrest warrants.

She says failure to pay could mean up to six months behind bars.


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