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Mo'ne Davis Hits Kevin Hart With Nasty Spin Move In NBA Celebrity Game

By Ray Boyd

We all knew she was a two-sport star. Mo'ne Davis dazzled us all on the diamond, but we don't often get to see her skills on the basketball court.

Davis was given the chance to show off those skills for the world on Friday night in the NBA's Celebrity Game at All-Star Weekend. Davis showed no mercy on her fellow Philadelphia native Kevin Hart.

Davis hit Hart with a beautifully crafted spin move early in Friday night's game.

What do you think of the move?

We're used to getting a laugh from Hart's exploits. Davis made sure the laughs were fully at Hart's expense.

Hart's squad lost to Davis' on Friday night. Despite the loss, Hart took home his 4th Celebrity Game MVP award. As he accepted his award, Hart announced that he would retire from the Celebrity Game.



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