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Mitch Williams Gives Lenny Dysktra And Curt Schilling New Nickames

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – When you ask a Phillies fan about the 1993 Phillies, you will most times get a very positive response, even though the season itself ended so sadly. Though that did not win the World Series, you could argue that they are the most beloved Phillies team of all time.

"Who is your favorite player from the 1993 Phillies?", was the question the 94WIP Morning Show asked on the Audio Roadshow app this morning. When Angelo Cataldi informed Mitch Williams that he had more votes than both Lenny Dykstra and Curt Schilling, his response was very... 1993 Phillies.

"Hey thanks. That's like finishing ahead of diarrhea and vomit," Williams said.

The team is being honored by the organization this weekend, as many players from that team is back in town. The 1993 Phillies are proving to not only be a special team to the fans, but to the players themselves.

"Without question [1993 was the most fun I've ever had]. I knew when I was traded from here that my career was over. Mentally I was done, because I knew it would never get that good again. There would never be 25 guys all on the same end of the rope, going in the same direction, ever again," Williams said. "We had a leader in Dutch [Darren Daulton], that no one anointed him the captain, the leader, it just was. And that was what was cool about it because, [Jim] Fergosi said it yesterday at the luncheon, he said, if he had a problem he called Dutch in the office and said, 'handle this'. That was what made it fun. It was just a bunch of guys that all just wanted to win."

The player leading the poll was Daulton, who is returning for the festivities even though he's fighting brain cancer.

I"t's hard for me to even talk about [Daulton's illness], because when I talk about it then I have to think about it and understand that it's real," Williams said. "It breaks my heart, honestly. You look at a guy that's ten feet tall and bullet proof in your eyes and then you see him going through this and it's just something that is horrible. He texted me the other day that he was coming [to Alumni weekend] and I can't wait to see him."

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