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Missouri Lt. Gov. Kinder: '"Governor Trying To Get Ahead" Of Protests'

By Chris Stigall

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Missouri Governor, Jay Nixon announced that he was declaring a State of Emergency and is mobilizing the National Guard in preparation of the Ferguson Grand Jury report in the Michael Ferguson death.

Lt. Governor Peter Kinder told WPHT morning host Chris Stigall that he supports that decision.

"It is this action, that I believe was delayed too long in the month of August… it is one of the reasons that we had 11 days and nights of real lawlessness and unrest and property damage in the month of August. So, I believe the Governor is trying to get ahead of it this time… And I have announced my support for that decision."

Kinder implored that all that he wants in this is impartial justice and doesn't feel that President Barack Obama or Former Attorney General Eric Holder's role in supporting the protestors helps with that.

"I want justice for all, for Darren Wilson's family, for Michael Brown's family, for Michael Brown himself, but you don't do that by putting your thumb as the chief law enforcement officer of the United States or as the President of the United States you do not do that guarantee justice for all by putting your thumb on one side of the scales of justice."

The President is not the only elected official that received the ire of Kinder however, he feels that Missouri Senator Clair McCaskill has not been to Ferguson for the same reasons that others have.

"Clair McCaskill has been in Ferguson, as most of us have. The difference is she seeks publicity when she goes there."

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