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Missing 2-Year-Old King Hill Killed, Family Confirms

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The search for 2-year-old King Hill has come to a tragic end. The boy's mother says detectives confirmed Sunday the child was killed. He was first reported missing on July 7.

Police are not yet releasing any details on the developments, but King's mother says detectives confirmed Sunday that her son was killed and that they believe they know who is responsible.

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Ten days before King's third birthday, his family received the horrible news that the missing toddler would not be coming home.

"We don't even know where his body is, he's just out there laying somewhere. We don't know, and they said that we might never recover his body. Whatever they told her, my daughter did not want to hear no more," said King's grandmother, Kimberly Hill.

Amber Hill says her son was supposed to be in the care of his stepfather. Philadelphia police say King's stepfather reported him missing on July 7 when he realized a babysitter he trusted with the 2-year-old did not have him.

The babysitter told police she returned the child to his mother -- a handoff King's mother says never happened.

"I blame myself for even trusting my baby's father with my son. I thought he was in good hands and he gave him to this woman, this woman I don't know, that he knows. And now my son is deceased," Amber Hill said.

Amber Hill says detectives and a representative from the district attorney's office visited her Strawberry Mansion home Sunday to share the devastating update after a nearly two-week search.

"I can't even get his body. Whatever she was doing to him, I can't even get his body. It's messing my whole family up. I just feel like this whole investigation was too long. I think they should have been incarcerated her," Amber Hill said.

Police are not ready to reveal the identity of the person at the center of the investigation, but the toddler's grandmother says the woman is an acquaintance of the boy's stepfather.

"I'll just pray for her. I don't wish nothing bad on her, I don't wish nothing bad on nobody because that's not going to bring my grandson back. But I don't want nothing to happen to her. I leave it to God. God will handle her," Kimberly Hill said.

The family is very upset that an Amber Alert was never issued in King's disappearance. His grandmother says police told her they had to know who King was with in order to issue an Amber Alert.

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