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Milo Yiannopoulos: Nothing Wrong With Behavior Of Harvard Soccer Team

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Milo Yiannopoulos, the Technology Editor for Breitbart News, disagreed with Harvard University's decision to cancel the remainder of the men's soccer team's season after the discovery of sexually explicit communications between team members about players on the women's team, telling Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that nothing about their behavior was out of bounds.

"What a terrible situation we've gotten to where men are assessing whether women are good looking or not. Give me a break. What we've started to do now is create this schism between how people behave in public and how people behave in private and it's a product of public shaming culture, political correctness and all the rest of it. People talk in private like Trump did 10 or 11 years ago, with the, sort of, grab her by the whatever. People talk like that. Everybody I know talks like that."

He says the new societal rules we are creating put people at odds with themselves.

"We're breaking everybody in America in two, making them speak one way in private and one way in public. I think that's really unhealthy. We should let everybody speak however they want to. Wow, a man looked at a woman and was like, she's a seven, she's an eight. That's just how we talk. And, by the way, women do it back to men as well, but they don't get punished for it when they do."

Yiannopoulos also contended that women are applauded for trying to embarrass men, both online and in their communities.

"We don't just tolerate female meanness about men. We actually encourage it. We celebrate it. The media will put people with Halloween costumes, girls with Halloween costumes with texts they receive from men, kind of like the come-ons and the seductive texts, just to ritually, publicly humiliate men and we put those girls in newspapers. We celebrate them and we say they're doing a great thing. A man sends around 'I think she's hot' and we cancel his sports season. Are you kidding me?'


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