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Miles Teller, wife star in Bud Light Super Bowl commercial

Digital Brief: Feb. 3, 2023 (AM)
Digital Brief: Feb. 3, 2023 (AM) 02:31

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Bud Light just dropped their Super Bowl LVII commercial "Hold" and social media is loving it. 

The commercial stars Miles and Keleigh Teller. Keleigh is waiting on the phone in an hour-long hold line. That's where Miles Teller comes to the rescue. The Top Gun: Maverick star cracks open a beer with his wife and the two then throw an impromptu dance party to the on-hold music that plays through Keleigh's phone. 

People who have already watched the commercial took to Twitter to share their reactions. 

The #1 best-selling beer company is sticking with its Super Bowl commercial formula which relies heavily on comedy. However, this time around, the beer company has taken a less gimmicky approach. In a statement released by Anheuser-Busch, the company is entering a new era for its Bud Light brand. 

The statement reads in part:

We are thrilled to announce Bud Light's return to the biggest stage in sports as we usher in a new era for Bud Light and deliver something totally new and unexpected. We have turned that unique truth into our new platform – Bud Light is 'Easy to Drink, Easy to Enjoy', and we look forward to bringing this message to life for consumers at Super Bowl and beyond.

Bud Light knows its audience and they appeared to hit the nail on the head casting this couple. They appear to be Hollywood's newest it-couple. Miles Teller has had quite the year in the spotlight as the star in Top Gun: Maverick and the Paramount+ series The Offer which tells the story behind the making of the 1972 movie The Godfather. 

Between red carpets, late-night talk show segments and all of their relationship behind-the-scenes clips that have made it to Keleigh's TikTok, the Teller duo seems to be just about everywhere.

Keleigh Teller also shared an Instagram reel giving fans another behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Super Bowl ad. 

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