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Michael Vick Has Ankle Surgery: 'I Could Still Be A Good Quarterback'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Michael Vick isn't done with football.

The 36-year-old former NFL quarterback says he just had surgery on his ankle, an injury that bothered him from 2009 to 2015 -- the final seven seasons of his career.

"I broke my ankle in 2003 and it healed well, but I never fully recovered and got my range of motion back," Vick said on The Howard Eskin Podcast. "And having the two year layoff [in prison], I was never able to get it corrected. So when I came back to the Philadelphia Eagles, I just had to go. There was no time for surgery. I was in quarterback competitions and trying to compete, and trying to still prove I can play."

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Vick admits that his chance of returning the NFL are "slim," but he believes that he is young enough to keep the idea in the back of his mind.

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"I think being 37-years-old, being 38-years-old, I could still be a good quarterback if I wanted to," Vick said. "It's all to be determined. I have to let God lead me in that situation and see what the feel is in the next year or so."

The chances of Vick returning to the game he loves as a coach, on the other hand, are much higher.

"I think spending so many years in that same regiment being a player, I could see myself doing it on the other side and being a coach, and being a good one at that," Vick said. "That would be my focus, that would be my primary goal -- to be the best coach that I could be, just like I tried to be the best player that I could be. And excitement is working with the kids."

Vick, who was given a second opportunity in the NFL from Andy Reid and the Eagles, admits he has spoken to Reid about coaching some day.

"Yeah well he just wanted to get my thoughts, but we haven't talked about it since," Vick said of his conversation with Reid on coaching. "But if I could coach with anybody, I would love to start out with Andy if there was an opportunity. Obviously, I would love it with the Falcons as well. So we'll see how it goes."

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Eskin asked Vick to recall one play during his tenure with the Eagles, that he wishes he could take back.

"When I was playing for Chip Kelly, there was a play against San Diego [in 2013]," Vick said. "We played them the second week of the season, it was a shootout, a barn burner. And we was running one of our read-option plays and it was me, [former Chargers safety] Eric Weddle, and [former Eagles running back] LeSean McCoy all in the box, in the space.

"And Eric bit down on LeSean and I could've pulled the ball and ran right into the end zone and I didn't pull it. I gave it to LeSean and [Weddle] stopped LeSean for a two-yard loss, we end up kicking a field goal and if you look at the play on film, it was a walk in [touchdown]. I would've walked in.

"That could have changed the course of my season at the time," Vick said. "We would have been 2-0 going into Kansas City that weekend, as opposed to 1-1."

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