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Philadelphia Photographer Traveling Throughout Ukraine To Show Pain, Suffering Caused By Russia's Attacks

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A local photographer is in Ukraine to help document the destruction and humanitarian crisis in the warzone.

"Here in Kyiv, the shelling is daily," Mike Logsdon said.

Logsdon is a photographer from Kensington who traveled to Ukraine to show the world the pain and suffering through his camera lens.

"You can't see these things and not feel for the people," he said.

His pictures speak a thousand words of war.

Young soldiers saying goodbye before boarding trains; families distraught at funerals after loved ones were killed in the Russian attacks. This couple got married last minute before deployment.

(Credit: Mike Logsdon)

Each picture is very real with its own personal and powerful story.

"These people, like so many places, are so much like us," Logsdon said.

Logsdon's journey was inspired by his mother who was a refugee of World War II. He made it his mission to put faces and names to the news we hear each day.

"There's a lot of really passionate, dedicated photographers who are out here putting themselves at risk to do this because it matters," he said.

(Credit: Mike Logsdon)

Logsdon travels around Ukraine with the guidance of other journalists and locals who help him navigate the roads and translate.

He was offered to stay in a home of a family who fled and says he has his guard up at all times.

"Sometimes we sleep with our shoes on," Logsdon said. "You never know, you hear the air raid sirens go off at all hours."

(Credit: Mike Logsdon)

He says while every day is dangerous and unknown, one thing is clear.

"From what I have seen from my time here is incredible residence, incredible unity," he said.

He's not sure when he'll return to Philadelphia. He's taking it day by day, but in the meantime, he says he'll continue to provide more pictures.

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