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Microsoft Offering Free Windows 10, Many Other Features

By KYW tech editor Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Microsoft had some tricks up its sleeve at an event Wednesday to unveil Windows 10, which comes out later this year.

Deleting the Start menu in Windows 8 is one of a few regrets Microsoft has had. Now, it's back, though VP Joe Belfiore says you don't need a mouse or a finger to interact with Windows 10 -- your voice will do.

"Hey Cortana, will I need a coat tomorrow?" asks Belfiore.

"You can probably go without one," answers Cortana -- the PC's answer to Apple's personal assistant Siri -- before giving the weather conditions.

And, like Mac upgrades, Microsoft is making Windows 10 free (if you use versions 7 or 8).

"Now, I know this sounds perhaps crazy," says Microsoft's Alex Kipman, showing off HoloLens. "Imagine turning your living room into a surreal gaming environment."

It's an augmented reality headset that allows you to create and interact with 3D holograms. NASA expects to use it this summer to virtually put astronauts on Mars.


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