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Michelle Obama Addresses Delegates At DNC: 'I'm With Her'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Putting families first was the theme of the first day of the Democratic National Convention and the discussion would not be complete without the matriarch of the First Family, Mrs. Michelle Obama.

First Lady Michelle Obama spoke for just under 15 minutes— and with every word-- her message clear.

"I'm with her."

Mrs. Obama built her case- highlighting Hillary Clinton's life of service, her work as Secretary of State and her courage in refusing quit despite scrutiny.

"She never buckles under pressure"

The First Lady then contrasted Mrs. Clinton's experience and demeanor to that of Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump

"When you have the nuclear codes - at your finger tips and the military at your command-you can't make snap decisions."

She brought it home by urging the delegates to get to work.

"We need to "knock on every door — let's get to work!"

And when she walked off the stage the message seemed well received.

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