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Giant Artwork On Mexico-US Border Wall Turning Heads

MEXICO (CBS) -- A giant image on the border wall between the U.S. and Mexico is turning heads. It's also sparking a conversation over the "meaning" of the art.

Between California and Mexico is a 70-foot-tall picture of a young boy, peering over the wall.

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French street artist JR took the picture of the boy about five months ago, and installed the artwork on the Mexican side of the border.

Its meaning is up for debate.

"He's looking up from the border, from the physical border," said Ulises Gomes, who lives near the border. "A better future that's what it means to me."

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"I think the little kid is saying, 'Hey, I'm here. I exist, I'm not a terrorist," said Juan Pacacco, who lives near the border.

JR says the work will be on display at the border wall for about a month.

The subject of the painting lives with his family near the site -- he's all of 14-months old now.

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