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GOP Lawmaker At Center Of Arm-Touching Tirade Won't Step Down

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --  It's the on-camera moment that has cast a cloud over the Pennsylvania State Capitol.

"You could have knocked me over with a feather," Rep. Matt Bradford said.

Bradford is seen placing his hand on Rep. Daryl Metcalfe's arm.

The Pittsburgh area Republican took the Montgomery County Democrat to task, calling it battery.

The exchange immediately raised questions — why did Metcalfe respond this way?

Pennsylvania Dems Call For GOP Lawmaker's Resignation After 'Random Homophobic Tirade'

"I said I don't like to be touched like that by another man," Metcalfe said Wednesday in an interview with CBS3.

"Some on his side of the aisle might like it, go touch them, don't touch me - obviously he likes to touch me, he kept touching me and touching and touching me," Metcalfe added.

There's more to it.

Last night in a phone interview, Metcalfe doubled down on what he says has been repeat touching.

"The homosexual crowd thinks that they can, you know, flaunt their sexuality routinely throughout the course of the day," Metcalfe said.

Reporter: "Since he brings this up, would you care to address your sexual orientation?"

Bradford: "I gotta tell you it's weird. I've made my own choice, I'm straight, married, four kids, very happily."

About the touching, Bradford said he's a Philly guy who talks with his hands.

Metcalfe says he's received information the touching may be politically motivated to get him to boil over on camera.

Again, we pressed Metcalfe on what exactly he meant.

Reporter: "Then there's the suggestion that he might be doing this out of potential gratification."

Metcalfe: "No, that wasn't suggested at all."

Reporter: "You just said men in his party might be into this."

Metcalfe: "Well, I said I don't like being touched by another man."

Governor Tom Wolf (D) and other members of his party have called for Metcalfe to resign.

That's not going to happen, Metcalfe said.


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