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Merlino on Latest Mob Accusations: 'The Guy's Mental'

By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A federal judge has delayed a ruling on whether federal authorities followed proper procedures in filing allegations of probation violations against convicted former Philadelphia mob boss Joey Merlino, just days before his supervised release was to end.

The defense says they didn't, and the government therefore no longer has jurisdiction.

The underlying allegations are that Merlino violated conditions of his supervised release by meeting with felons and mobsters in Florida, where he now lives.

Which raised the question: is Merlino still active in the mob?  The prosecutor indicated that's how authorities see it.

When Merlino left court today, with an escort, reporters wanted to know about his return to Philadelphia.

"I miss the Mummers' Parade," Merlino replied.

Said one reporter, "The US attorney says you're still an active member of the mob."

"The guy's mental," Merlino responded immediately.

Merlino kept moving and, when asked if authorities are picking on him, responded with his own question:  "What do you think?"


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