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Men Sometimes Feel More Pain Than Women, Study Finds

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- It's the age-old question: "who do you think handles pain better? Men or women?"

"Women," said one person.

"Men. C'mon," another person said.

But now there is a clear answer coming from researchers at Canada's McGill University.

Scientists performed tests on male and female humans, and mice, subjecting them to pain through heat applied to their hind paw or forearm -- depending on the species of course.

And they found both the women and female mice were able to forget the pain faster, essentially blocking memories they had of the previous painful experiment.

The men remembered the pain and thought further tests hurt more than their female counterparts.

Researchers say these findings will help those dealing with chronic pain, since the data shows the memory of a past painful experience can affect a future one.

Women we spoke with say no study was needed, they've known this all along.

"Are you surprised by that?" asks reporter Greg Argos.

"No, not at all. We give birth," one woman said.

"Menstrual cycles. Cramps," another said.

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