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Phillies' longtime staff member "Frankie Two Scoops" celebrates 25 years: "I would never quit this"

Meet "Frankie Two Scoops": The Phillies' longtime staff member celebrating 25 years
Meet "Frankie Two Scoops": The Phillies' longtime staff member celebrating 25 years 02:28

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A beloved member of the Phillies staff is celebrating 25 years of dishing out one of the sweetest treats at the ballpark. "Frankie Two Scoops" has become a fixture in the press box dining hall.

In baseball, the greats are often known best by their nicknames — Lefty, Whitey and J-Ro, to name a few.

And inside the press box, that tradition continues. Meet Frank Mazzuca better known as "Frankie Two Scoops."

After retiring from his job at a bank 25 years ago, the South Philly native and lifelong fan began working for the Phillies, scooping ice cream for the broadcasters and former players who get dinner before every home game.

"I'm not going to stay home and retire," Mazzuca said. "What am I waiting for? To die?"

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In that time, Mazzuca has never missed a day of work and said he's honored to rub shoulders with guys he grew up watching, including Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt.

"He always stops in here. We chat about 20 minutes and sometimes I tease him 'Mike get the hell out of here because I got a line for ice cream,'" Mazzuca said.

And talk to anyone who knows this all-timer — they'll all say the same thing.

"He's the man, I tell everybody that comes up here you got to see Frankie," Former Phillies Larry Bowa said.

"I can tell you from traveling all around baseball that his reputation with the visiting media and the visiting announcers and the people that come in here — everybody knows Frankie Two Scoops — and everybody knows him by that name," Phillies radio broadcaster Scott Franzke said.

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As for what drives the 82-year-old who's not planning to hang up his uniform anytime soon?

"The key to it is meeting people and I mean that," Mazzuca said.

Proving that life and baseball are meant to be shared. One, make that two, scoops at a time.

"I would never quit this, I can't because they are just so kind to me and you get paid for it but I love it," Mazzuca said.

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