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Judge Denies Request To Release Meek Mill On Bail

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A Philadelphia judge has denied Meek Mill bail after several attempts by his defense team to get the well-known hip-hop artist out of jail. The judge sentenced Mill to two to four years in prison, just a month ago, after hearing his fifth probation violation.

The legal battle stems from 2009 gun and drug charges, and multiple probation violations through the years. It has gained national attention.

On Monday, Judge Genece Brinkley denied a request by Mill's attorneys to release him on bail, calling him a "danger to the community" and a flight risk, something the Mill's defense attorney Joe Tacopina calls crazy.

"To say he's a flight risk is just one of the most ludicrous things I have ever seen written in judicial papers," Tacopina said. "Because here's a guy, who for 10 years, has been on probation hasn't missed anything."

In her opinion, Brinkley outlines Mill's probation violations: testing positive for drugs, additional criminal charges, and says he has failed to get prior permission from the court to travel. Each violation was listed in her 119-page filing, along with court transcripts and charging documents.

Mill's defense team claims Brinkley has personal vendetta against the rap artist, and claims misconduct on her part.

"If you read what she wrote, it's almost laughable," Tacopina said, "except it's not funny."

Last week, Meek Mill's attorneys asked the Pennsylvania Superior Court to reconsider Brinkley's decision to put him behind bars, but the court denied the motion and referred the case back to the Court of Common Pleas, pointing to the pending bail motion.

Tacopina says they have already filed an appeal.

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