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Media Memorial Day Parade Honors Fallen Service Members

MEDIA, Pa. (CBS) -- Nevermind a few sprinkles on this Memorial Day parade.

"It's great community spirit and great to honor the veterans," said attendee Cristina Tullio.

The crowds still came out, lined along State Street, to see the pomp and circumstance of a Delaware County tradition.

"We live around the corner and there's nothing better than a Media parade," said attendee Kelly Schaffer.

The parade, with Penn Crest's marching band and color guard, was a prelude to a more somber ceremony at the nearby courthouse - appropriately named Veteran's Square.

Ralph Galati, who was held captive while fighting in Vietnam, was the main speaker.

He recalled the demands to keep focused while a prisoner of war.

"Our job was to follow the code of conduct and resist to the best of your ability and come home with your honor and dignity intact," said Galati.

The fight for freedom and countless sacrifices weigh heavy on the mind.

"It tries every aspect of your life, your mind, your body, your soul," said Ray Stankus, retired 2nd Lt. Platoon Leader.

Joe Graziano - at 93, was a Private First Class during World War II - his unit headed to the shores of Japan.

"It's not a question of being a hero, it's a question of doing what you have to do," said Graziano.

The bombs had just been dropped.

"You forget about all your fears and you just go in there and do what you have to do," said Graziano. "When you're given an order, you either do it or you don't."

A Media police officer stopped to give this World War II veteran a lift to his car

It's a lighthearted moment - Joe Graziano is a man with the jokes.

"My kids would be upset seeing me in the police car ....'whoa my father's in trouble.'" he joked.

A kind gesture of appreciation on this Memorial Day.

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