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Kenney On DNC Week: 'We Did Real Good'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - After four days of intense scrutiny, Philadelphia officials think the city showed off well.

"We did real good this week," Mayor Jim Kenney said.

He took a bow at the Clinton-Kaine kick-off rally, and the candidates had lots of praise for the city too.

Hillary Clinton says she's glad the nation got to see the city's charms:

"People kept coming back from going for walks, going to museums, going to other sights, telling me how much they were impressed."

Kenney gave a lot of credit to police, for their calm demeanor in the face of at least 60 protests:

"I've had people with Bernie T-shirts tell me that they're the best police department they've ever run into. That they're helpful and kind and considerate."

And he said, at least as important, the officers not assigned to convention duty, who kept things operating in the districts, along with city employees who kept the city open for business all week.

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