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Unionized Workers Don't Want To Be In Nutter's Nonunion Pay Package

By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The union representing the City of Philadelphia's white-collar workers squared off today with the Nutter administration over the mayor's effort to include some unionized city workers in a pay raise package that mainly covers nonunion employees.

The mayor is imposing a sweeping package of changes on non-unionized workers, including a 2½-percent pay raise, changes to overtime, and the possibility of furloughs.

The Civil Service Commission today signed off on the package.

But the mayor is also imposing the package on 900 first-level supervisors who comprise Local 2186 of the white-collar union District Council 47.

The mayor's labor attorney, Shannon Farmer, says that local is not part of DC 47's negotiated contract with the city.

"Under the law, the city does not have an obligation to negotiate with (Local) 2186," she said today.  "We (only) have an obligation to meet and discuss."

But Cathy Scott, head of DC 47, argued at today's meeting of the Civil Service Commission that Nutter has no right to impose these terms on members of Local 2186.

"(Our members) have their pencils out, they've already done the calculations -- this is a bad deal for them.  But beyond that, unfortunately, we have a mayor who doesn't know how to negotiate.  He thinks he can dictate everything.  That's why he's coming to Civil Service, trying to dictate here," she said.

As it voted to approve the work rule changes, the commission -- whose members are appointed by the mayor -- rejected DC 47's request that Local 2186 be excised from the new regulations.

Scott said her union is now considering filing an Unfair Labor Practice charge against the Nutter administration.

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