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Mayor Nutter Addresses Recent Problem With Youth Violence At Church In West Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia police have been on curfew patrol this weekend, trying to stop mobs of teens from forming and turning violent as they have in recent attacks in Center City. On Sunday morning, Mayor Michael Nutter addressed what's happened -- and what officials are going to do about it.

The mayor took his message to his church: Mount Carmel Baptist in West Philadelphia.

Listen to Mayor Nutter's speech...

He talked about the impact of youth violence and appealed to parents in the pews to watch for signs their kids might be in with a bad crowd -- to know who they're Facebooking, texting, and Tweeting, and where they're going when they're out the door.

Nutter said the participants in the flash mobs have hurt other people, hurt themselves and that "you've damaged your own race."

Nutter also called out the parents of teens involved in the attacks, many of whom are African-American. He says parents need to be more involved and not just a "human ATM."

But without divine intervention and omniscient moms and dads, officials know they must do more than just talk about the problem.

Jericka Duncan reports...

The city's years-old nighttime curfew law is being enforced: kids under 14 have to be home by 10; midnight is the deadline for those under 18.

And because not all pack attacks happen within those hours, authorities also are putting more cops on the streets, including horse and bike patrols.

Reported By Ian Bush, KYW Newsradio

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