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Mayor Kenney Shares The Importance Of Knowledge With Young Students In Germantown

GERMANTOWN (CBS) -- Nearly 40 enthusiastic kids and a number of grown-ups welcomed Mayor Kenney Thursday as the first guest reader in a special 4 week summer reading program at the Joseph Coleman Northwest Regional Library in the city's Germantown section.

Mayor Kenney read the first few chapters of Peter Brown's "The Wild Robot."

"Hello, I am Rosa Unit 7134, but you may call me Roz. While my robotic systems are activating, I will tell you about myself," the mayor read to the children.

Kenney revealed a lot about himself in the Q and A session. The mayor revealed two of his favorite poets, both from opposite parts of the world.

"One is William Butler Yeats, who is one of the most famous Irish poets of all time, and the other one is an American called Langston Hughes."

He admitted he loved to watch TV, but said reading's much better than watching re-runs.

"You know what's gonna happen," he said. "You know how it's gonna end, but you don't know how the book's gonna end."

Kenney even talked about one of his perks of being mayor.

"When I come out to see guys like you, and see how well you're doing, and how smart you are, it really does make me feel good to be mayor of this city."

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