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PA Public Officials Join Clean Air Advocates Outside City Hall

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- It was play time with a purpose outside Philadelphia City Hall today.

Kids splashed around in the fountains in Dilworth Park while delivering a message to elected officials about the need for environmental regulation.

The Moms Clean Air Force has friends in the right places. State representative Donna Bullock is a member; she wrangled Senator Bob Casey and Mayor Kenney to Dilworth Plaza, where moms like Christine Dolle, with kids in tow, delivered the good news/bad news findings of two studies.

"Stagnant air days are actually on the rise and that increases our risk of ozone, and the second study is a bit of a ray of hope in that it wouldn't take much to realize an impact, even just the slightest strictest air pollution standard."

Casey and Kenney are already clean air advocates but thanked the messengers.

"You really will grow into adults that really care."

And Casey thanked the moms.

"If you want to get a difficult job done, hire a mom."

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