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Mayor Kenney On LeSean McCoy Brawl: 'He Needs To Pay The Price And Answer For His Actions'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Former Eagle LeSean McCoy is awaiting word on whether or not he will face assault charges stemming from stemming from a nightclub brawl. Mayor Jim Kenney weighed in on the incident on Thursday as he spoke exclusively with Eyewitness News.

Kenney says there are no VIP's here in the City of Philadelphia when it comes to alleged crimes. If McCoy did assault two off-duty Philadelphia Police officers, the mayor says he should be charged.

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Cell phone video apparently shows McCoy in a brutal brawl Sunday at the Recess Lounge in Old City. Sources and a police report state that two off-duty officers were severely beaten, suffering possible skull fractures, all over an argument over the ownership of a bottle of champagne.

Now, it's been day two that the district attorney's office has had the case and no charges have been filed.

LeSean McCoy speaks with Eyewitness News. (credit: CBS)

Eyewitness News: What is the hold up right now?

Kenney responded to that question by saying, "I'm not a law enforcement person. It's up to the D.A. -- police and the D.A. That's how it works. Obviously, nothing good happens after midnight.

The mayor said that he has seen some of the video. "In addition to punches being thrown, there were some kicks that looked as if they were being leveled and that's unconscionable and it's cowardly," Kenney said.

Kenney has talked to the police commissioner and is waiting for the district attorney's office to issue possible arrest warrants for McCoy and three of his friends also alleged to have been involved in the fight.

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"If [McCoy] wants to stomp our officers and pound our officers, then he needs to pay the price and answer for his actions," Kenney said. However, it is not a quick process coupled with the extra scrutiny.

"This is a case that has garnered national attention," said attorney Linda Dale Hoffa. She says that delays in charges could also indicate that this is a case with many moving parts.

"This is somewhat complicated. There were a lot of people in that after hours bar and so that means that there are a lot of witnesses to interview, not just the police officer, off duty police officers who were involved, but also all of the people that watched the incident that happened."

Eyewitness News spoke with someone from the district attorney's office. The individuals tells Eyewitness News that the D.A. is still investigating this case. There is no timeline, if or when an arrest warrant will be issued.


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