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Mayor Kenney Gives City High Praise For Draft Success: 'I'm Proud Of Them All'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- All 253 picks of the NFL Draft are in the books, and Mayor Jim Kenney is thrilled with the way everything turned out.

Mayor Jim Kenney said, "We can do big things. I think it's pretty clear we know how to do them."

He says once again the City of Philadelphia rose to the challenge in hosting a major national event.

Mayor Kenney Opens City Hall To Philly's Black LGBTQ Community For Party

"It brings value to the city, and the exposure is important," he said.

Kenney had lots of praise to dish out, including to the NFL and the Eagles for organizing something special.

"And I also want to credit our city workers, police, fire, sanitation, public property workers -- everybody who works for the city and our construction workers who work in the industry -- everybody came together to do a phenomenal event and I'm proud of them all," said Kenney.

He says the atmosphere on the parkway was electric for the entire event, and most importantly everybody behaved themselves.

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