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Lehigh County Officials Say Investigation Into Shooting Involving 2 State Constables Is 'Ongoing'

WHITEHALL TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) – Officials in Lehigh County say an investigation into a shooting involving two state constables is ongoing.

Around 7:30 a.m., the two constables were reportedly attempting to serve more than 20 warrants in Whitehall Township, including those for multiple parking offenses at an address in the 3400 block of Portland Drive in Whitehall Township.

Apparently, the two constables encountered 38-year-old Kevin Christopher McCullers, inside McCullers' garage, where he was behind the wheel of a vehicle.

The Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin says two constables were serving McCullers a warrant for unpaid tickets, but he wasn't having it.

"They were asking Mr. McCullers to comply, he did not. Instead, he put the vehicle in reverse," he said.

That's when one of the constables allegedly fired twice on McCullers' vehicle. Police say one of the shots hit him in the torso.

McCullers' girlfriend, Hafeezah Mohammed claims he was unarmed, leaving the townhouse they share to pick up coffee, when she heard two gunshots. One of those shots police say hit her boyfriend.

"Our whole family has just changed over a matter of seconds," said Mohammed.

McCullers was transported to Lehigh Valley Hospital for treatment.

Martin says this morning wasn't the first visit authorities have made to McCullers' home, but he says he has a lot of questions about the shooting.

"Frankly I'm a bit disturbed by the fact that there would be a shooting in connection with an attempt to serve parking tickets," he said.

The District Attorney said those constable's guns have been seized as part of the investigation. So far no charges have been brought against them or against McCullers.

The shooting is being investigated by Whitehall Township detectives, county detectives and Pennsylvania State Police. Neither constable is being identified at this time.

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