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107-Year-Old Pennsylvania Woman Who Survived COVID-19 Votes In-person On Election Day

MILTON, Pa. (CBS) -- The presidential election still isn't decided but one thing is for sure, many parts of the country had record voter turnout. And there's a remarkable voter we want to introduce to you -- 107-year-old May Wesler.

Wesler lives in Milton, Northumberland County and recently survived COVID-19.

She voted in-person on Election Day.

Wesler's family says she always votes and cast her first ballot in 1936.

During a Zoom interview with Eyewitness News, she talked about her life experiences and the importance of family.

"If there's one thing about this family, we always get together. We're all happy and enjoying things -- no fights, no problems. We all just enjoy each other's company, because I don't know what they do behind my back," Wesler joked.

May has nine children, 18 grandchildren, 29 great-grandchildren and nine great-great-grandchildren.

She also drove a car until she was 103.

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