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Maurice Jones-Drew Obliterates Chip Kelly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Three years into his NFL coaching tenure and we're still fighting about Chip Kelly and his offense.

Former Pro Bowl NFL running back, Oakland native, and former UCLA star Maurice Jones-Drew was the latest to attack the former Eagles head coach, who went 26-21 in one game less than three seasons.

"He destroyed the Eagles, right?" Jones-Drew said of Kelly via "I just think his offense is a gimmick and gimmicks don't really --- they work for a year or two in a league and then defenses figure it out. You gotta go back to real football which is like lining up in a formation -- like no huddle stuff doesn't work."

After a miserable 5-11 2015 season, the Niners hired Kelly and made a conscious effort to improve in the trenches drafting defensive lineman DeForest Buckner (No. 7) and guard Joshua Garnett (No. 28) in the first-round.

"I like what they did," MJD said. "They're trying to build their team from the inside-out. They're trying to get guards, tackles, defensive lineman. They're tying to build a solid core then do the other things all the fans like receivers, corners, quarterbacks things like that. I think they're starting the right way in their rebuilding process, I just don't know if Chip Kelly is gonna be the guy or not."

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